About Us
About Hawk Studio

Hawk Studio,  a leather shop and rustic wood shop is  currently
located in Philmont Ny out of the backyard workshop. ,The retail
store formerly in Chatham NY closed at the end of June 06 so we
could concentrate on selling our Philmont house . Hawk  Studio is
a working leather shop where you can watch artisan  craftsman  
and owner Chip Rosien at work creating belts, purses, backpacks,
briefcases, knife cases and leather clothing. You may also find
him  building the  rustic wood furniture which he creates and
sells    - including  footstools, benches, tables, gates and arbors

Chip Rosien brings his 15 years of experience as a leather
craftsman to Hawk Studio’s  . Previously he could be found for 12
years exhibiting his work at the New York State Renaissance Faire
as well as in Nyack, New York, where he was a partner in a
custom leather shop for five years. Chip moved to Columbia
County full-time in 2002, where he began developing his style of  
Rustic woodworking .